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Inventory Tracking

We carefully track your stock of mailing pieces as well as the details of each mailing.

Data Included: Piece Name, Date of Mailing, Qty of Mailing, Zip Code and Route #, Balance of Inventory

Response Tracking Form

We provide a spreadsheet, digital form or paper form to track your responses.

We make your job easy! You only collect two pieces of information: Date of Response, Customer Address.

We then take that information and produce your Results Report and Easy-to-Read Summary.

Results Report

We merge the information in the previous two spreadsheets to produce a detailed report showing how effective each mailing was in each geographical area on various dates.

Data Included: Qty of Responses per Mail Route #, per Unique Mailing Piece, and per Date of Mailing.

Easy-to-Read Summary

Data Included:

  • Your # of Customer Acquisitions To Date, Per Month and Per Piece
  • Your Cost to Date, Per Month, and Per Piece
  • Your Cost per Customer Acquisition

Customized Spreadsheets

We can also provide customized data or spreadsheets according to your needs and/or incorporating data that you collect.